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About Mezbahn.Org

MEZBAHN.ORG is a platform where the products and services of Mezbahn are integrated for a strategic partnership or collaboration on a project-to-project basis between Mezbahn and like-minded people or organizations whose objective is to make people's lives better.


The aim of Mezbahn is to make people realize who they are and what is their purpose in life so that they connect to the universal strategy & design and help build capacity for an immersive experience as Being, become Awake and transform into a Self-Realised Professional, (SRP)® in the shortest span of time.


With the help of Project Management tools and construction methods, Mezbahn has developed special innovative techniques, processes using agile metaphor to integrate science and ancient theologies for the overall mental well-being of an individual person, society, and thus help nations increase their happiness index and overcome issues related to ethics, corruption, mental health, unemployment, skills development, contentment, women empowerment, cultural diversity, unity and harmony amongst different faiths.

Corporate Responsibility Initiatives of

Mezbahn (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

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Mezbahn (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was established in Malaysia in 2001 as a Project Management Consultancy Services, and also services related to Research, Information Technology and Education.

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During 2007-2020, Mezbahn spent resources on research in the development of a “common theory applicable to human beings” to understand complexities in a simpler form and develop an integrated easier process for people to become AWAKE, “Self-Realised Professionals" ® in the shortest span of time for Mental Well-Being, growth towards Self and Organizational Benefits Realization.

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To promote world peace and harmony amongst the neighbouring countries, as Vasudhaiva Kuṭumbakam, Mezbahn re-engineered and released a Bollywood song from the famous film Veer-Zaara in March 2016 the “World Cultural Festival 2016” organized by “The Art of Living” in New Delhi, India.

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  • Mezbahn published the book "Universal Face Theory, a theory of happiness" in July 2017 and created educational modules to improve people's lives.

  • Mezbahn also released a documentary film based on the book's first chapter on the eve of Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday on the 2nd of October 2017 as a peace initiative. In Nov 2017, the book "Universal Face Theory, a theory of happiness" was displayed at the "THINKERS50" Award Ceremony in London.

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In 2018 "Universal Face Theory" was selected for presentation at various prestigious conferences such as Science and Nonduality Conference SAND2018 at San Jose, CA and International Conference of Spirituality & Psychology ICSP-2018 Bangkok.

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2019 - 2020

Mezbahn created an award-winning documentary feature film "TINANJALI, a song of life" and released it in April/May 2019 in Theatres in Malaysia. The film won 11 Awards in various International Film Festivals including a Humanitarian Award for the year 2019 for bringing awareness to the important global issues.

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2021 - 2022

As Mezbahn celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2022, it continues to provide services to renowned local and international companies.

The project “Self-Realised Professional (SRP) ®is Mezbahn's flagship initiative for Mental Well-Being. It is being launched worldwide in 2022-23 to provide innovative tools for transformation to become Awake, stress-free & peaceful, ethical & contended, productive and generate self-employment for people to grow with a happier growth index amidst challenges of the post covid-19 pandemic and master the skills to become non-vulnerable to external threats. Skill Development prepares them for the 4th & 5th Industrial Revolutions.


The Upcoming Events From
Mezbahn in 2022-23

Released HAPPINESS SONG audio, “AA_CHHEEN” in Hindi, Tamil, Bangla, Bhojpuri, and Multiple Languages in Jan-Feb 2021.

Release of Happiness Book Manual, "TINANJALI, a seminar of life" and the kickstart of flagship program becoming “SELF-REALISED PROFESSIONAL, SRP” under “Mezbahn360 Mental Well-Being Project Workshop” in 2022-23.

Release of an updated revised edition of the Book, "UNIVERSAL FACE THEORY, a theory of happiness." 
And also the release of a short film, “TINANJALI, a seminar of life”, and the biography of the author couple, TINU-ANJALI, in 2023.

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The Books You Shouldn't Miss.

The fine-tuning of human evolution has arrived 

It is here and now. 

Inject the idea, transform, and become 


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Take a step further for your life

With the help of project management tools, and charts this course knits already-established knowledge and theories in Science, Philosophy, Religion, and Faith on one platform using a unique agile metaphor. It explains how one can harness one’s inner potential and transform to become a "SELF-REALISED PROFESSIONAL, SRP" with leadership qualities in the shortest span of time, & thus live happily without the limitation of race and religion in the holarchy system.

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