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Mental Well-Being Project Workshop


This groundbreaking course is a work of great depth. It is provocative and challenging work in areas of personal transformation, and growth backed by thousands of years of wisdom. With the help of project management tools, graphical charts, and a unique agile metaphor this course pulls together mankind's greatest religious, philosophical, and up-to-date Scientific Knowledge and teaches everything 360 degrees one needs to know to attain peace, freedom, and sustainable happiness. This course is for those who want to harness the science of happiness for endless aha’ moments.

It explains how one can harness one’s inner potential and transform to become a Self-Realised Professional with leadership qualities in the shortest span of time, & thus live happily without the limitation of race and religion in the holarchy system. In a workshop seminar format presented with the power of cinema, stunning 3D graphics, songs, and dance, the author shares his stories and construction project experiences along with the contents of his books and films for improving Mental Well-Being & Master the Time Dimension thus leading toward the Self and Organizational Benefits Realization, prosperity. 

An Introduction

This course connects participants with their origin and purpose in life, and prompts them during the workshop to reset, transform, and align with the strategy and design of the universe to lead a blissful life forever for personal, and organizational benefits realization which would result in an increase in productivity and the happiness index of the person, the neighborhood and thus the whole nation.

How Could This Course Help You?


In a process-driven methodology, the course provides tools to alleviate suffering by training and controlling the mind with Mezbahn360 mental scan like a project tracker to remain aligned with scope, strategy, and design to make appropriate choices in life.


The participants develop a deeper connection with the awareness towards the infinite potential of their inner self to master the Time dimension that increases productivity and overall Well-Being with Ten (10) knowledge areas to practice as new-age living and become peak performer.


This course helps participants adopt a leadership role in work and service they would love to do for others, a path towards freedom, inner peace, contentment, and ethical behavior, and bring synergy in the holarchy system with prosperity and everlasting joy.


There is no permanent cure

There is no permanent cure for mind-related problems, which are at the core of all the problems humanity faces today. Wellness programs, yoga and meditation help, but due to the nature of the mind, people continue to suffer, and thus the problems continue. This is a Science-based program tested with ancient Theology & finds its place in the Semantic Memory, bringing new hope for overall Well-Being.


Change in Sense of Nondual Awareness and Spiritual Awakening in Response to a Process-Based Educational Workshop Seminar of Becoming a Self-Realised Professional (SRP), under

Mezbahn360 Mental Well-Being Program

Before the participants start, they take an online test to establish a baseline score. The test questionnaire was developed as a joint initiative of leading US universities (Harvard, UCSD, Duke, Sophia) and it was used to assess participants at a resort setting environment at Chopra Foundation USA under controlled environment for a Multidimensional Well-Being Program.

A portion of the test questionnaire is being used here with permission for research purposes (modified) and to help participants gauge their Baseline score at the beginning of the program. At the end of the program, the participants retake the test and compare their scores which in a way determines effectiveness of the course.

Depending on the final test score, experiential participation, and interaction during the course, the participants earn the credential of “Self-Realised Professional (SRP)” from Mezbahn. The individual participant’s data is not shared.

Course Prerequisites

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To watch the film

“TINANJALI, a song of life” & note points

to clarify during a discussion with the course teacher




Video Modules + Interaction 


2 Online Tests with instant results


1 Official SRP Certificate

This course is divided into about 8 hrs of video content to watch at your own pace;

1-Day Online or Live Interaction as the booked format.

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