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You are making the right move, and this is the last step to get started.


    FREE ; ALL Age Groups
    Free Plan
    • Web Based, Play on All Devices
    • Course introduction video by Susheel Kamotra @ Tinu
    • Course Detailed Structure, PDF (10 min read)
    • AA CHHEEN song play with PDF
    • Showcasing Feature Film “TINANJALI, a song of life”
    • Become Ambassador of Self-Realised Professional Course
    • Participate in the Song & Dance Competition for “AA CHHEEN”

    8 hours with breaks
    • Ethical Pledge followed by online Test to establish a Baseli
    • AA CHHEEN song play, it’s development, and deeper meaning
    • Development of Metaphor and Application
    • Quick overview on the various concepts of modules 2 to 9
    • Module 10 & Critical Analysis of all above
    • Summary & Practice Guidelines
    • Ethical Pledge in Awareness of Awakening
    • Re-take the Test & Final Score
    • Award Presentation & Celebration with AA CHHEEN Song
    • Writing & posting a short blog post on the course
    • Ambassador of Self-Realised Professional Course
  • Best Value


    8 hoursm Live Session with breaks
    • All course contents as per one day workshop
    • The course is taught in depth with more focus with hands-on
    • Taught in depth with different modules from 1 to 10
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